"Behold, I will Do A New Thing"
Heart to Heart Women's Ministry
Welcome to the Heart to Heart Ministry for Women. We represent an essential resource for the Kingdom of God. Here at the Redeemed, the Women's Ministry focuses on real life situations that affect all women in all walks of life. All of us are at different maturity levels in Christ but continue to teach one another and grow spiritually daily. We come together as one to help one another increase their love and dedication to Christ, develop godly characteristics and Christian principles to help each other walk daily in the spirit.

Our work never ends when it comes to reaching out to other women. One may need prayer, an encouraging word or just a hug. Whatever God lays on our hearts to do, we will honor it. No matter how big or small the task God asks of us, It will surely make a big impact to women and make a difference in their eyes. Seeing women hungry for Christ and grow spiritually not only impacts their own lives but their families and their surroundings.

The Women at Redeemed put together conferences, outreach to the community, outings and much more.  We invite your "Heart" to be part of this ministry!

Monthly Meeting
The Women's Ministry meets every 4th Friday at 7:30pm for service and fellowship.

Heart to Heart Women's Ministry
Redeemed Church of Jesus Christ |9552 James Madison Hwy | Warrenton, VA 20186 |540-935-2956