"Behold, I will Do A New Thing"
Heart to Heart Women's Ministry

To establish a place of worship and refuge for men, women, boys and girls. To provide a safe haven to nurture the abused, downtrodden and castaways. Impartation of spiritual and natural teachings to assist in the development of productive members of the Kingdom of God and society. Establish a food pantry, housing, and counseling center to shelter the homeless and abused. The ultimate goal is to help individuals become holistic and one with God.

What We Believe

This is what we believe and strive for in the Church of Jesus Christ.
God, in Thy mercy we come now to affirm the beliefs and objectives of our faith.

We believe in one God, infinite in power, fully expressing Himself as creator of all things, redeemer of mankind, and sustainer of life in the Holy Spirit. See Isaiah 44:6, Deuteronomy 4:35, St. John 4:24

We believe in Christ our Savior, His Holy Spirit, and in His living Church, founded upon His Word, and eternally sustained by His resurrection from the dead. See: Romans 10:5-13, Acts 2:14

We believe every Christian is called by God, appointed to sacred duty, and as a steward must make his report to God. See: St. Matthew 28:18-20, St. Matthew 12:20-37

We believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible - the absolute truth of its word and the fundamental need to instill this Word in the hearts all believers. See: II Timothy 3:16, Psalm 119:11

We believe that the mission and evangelism are the basic demands of the gospel upon all disciples, and hereby pledge ourselves to teach God's Word, and through our talents and offerings we spread the Word of God. See: Ephesians 4:1-16

We believe that through His sinless life and death upon the cross, Christ Jesus our Lord is the final judge of all mankind, before whom all creatures must stand. See: St. John 5:19-30

We believe then, that we must day by day pledge ourselves to love one another, to support the ministry of the Christian church, and to strive to be like Christ. See: St. John 13:35, St. John 15:12-13

God grant us power to do Thy will and to serve Thee daily through Christ Jesus, Our Lord, we pray. See: Ezekiel 36:27, I John 2:27, St. John 14:17

To this end we give ourselves to Thee, Oh God, in praise, glory and honor. Help us to translate Thy Word into life, Thy teachings into actions. May we find joy in living for Thee. Mirror our souls in thy presence that we may know where we are, from whence we have come, and the road we ought to be traveling. Please accept this day the vow we humbly make to serve Thee and evermore. This is our prayer, in the name of Christ and for His sake----Amen.

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